Do I need a Blogging Calendar

Do I need a forward calendar or plan for articles ?

A few weeks ago I came across a blog from a young later in Lancashire (Ashleigh) where she wrote an article on why you need a blogging calendar.

My initial thoughts were that I have been rather more random. When I was thinking about starting a blog, I had been in touch with Fritz and The Retirement Manifesto as I came across a number of his articles and made comment on one. A really nice and helpful chap. I sent him a kind of brain dump of ideas I would be interested in writing about and got a very encouraging ‘that will keep you busy a long time’ back.

But I realise that in the year I have been scribbling (since February 2019), I have written 37 articles. It has been a lot more random and a lot less of a plan. No bad thing as I am not doing this for personal material gain and just felt I wanted to share what I was learning and observed particularly with respect to the FIRE way.  But actually, what I realise is that I am not doing that. I am in fact just being random or reacting to things I see or read.

Although I did think I would average one a week that has not been last year. But this year, this is the 9th article in 9 weeks …. yeah ! Some of the things I wanted to write about require a fair bit of work to create and I guess I have been rather lazy in doing that.

There is so much to just doodle away about …. where do I start ? A list ? Did that and 10 minutes later had potentially 20 article titles … wow.

I think I do need a plan !!

I know …. a visit to the gym.. a nice relaxing swim, sauna and so slob time on a lounger on a bed for a bit while I have a think.

….. will come back to this and make a calendar plan. Thing is .. will I be able to stick with it now I am retired !