New Year, New Goals ?

I am not one for New Year Resolutions. In fact I have studiously stuck the last one I made about 30 years ago … ‘No more New Year resolutions’.

I have not published any blog article for months. Lots of drafted ones, just never got round to finishing them. That ought to be a goal really, but as McMillan once said ‘Events dear boy, events’….. they have gotten in the way.

It has been a remarkably busy few months devoid of much routine, and writing takes some element of routine.

In January 2021 we (in the UK anyway) had the optimism that Covid would be on the wane in short order, vaccination was rolling out and normality seemed possible. Clearly the virus had other ideas and it has all dragged on and on and on.

But here we stand in 2022. There is a palpable feel that we really are in the home straight. The Omni-variant is highly infectious but has low serious illness effect (relatively), the vaccination and booster program is essentially allowing it to rip through with little real medical impact.

So providing there is no new infectious and very nasty biting variant, there is every chance by Easter we can pretty much be back to over 2 years ago. This follows a fairly well trodden epidemiological model of waves of more virulence and less harm that sees viruses disappear or reduce to little more than a common cold in efficacy.

Yes .. there are other opinions !

But I am feeling very optimistic.

That said, I am due to fly to Italy for the England v Italy Six Nations game (cancelled 2 years ago) in 5 weeks. Only thing is, at present, we would have to pretty much wear a mask for the 60 hours of the trip.

Having just been to a Corporate rugby day at Northampton Saints (vs Saracens), the idea of sitting in a stadium wearing a mask (and not just any mask, but a specific type) just seems barking after wearing one for the two flights to get to Rome when fully vaccinated, have to prove no infection and subject to random testing. So despite it all being paid for, I may decide not to go – more fun watching the game in my local pub !

My mum died just after the first lock-down. It took an absolute age to dispose of much of her things and we are not done yet. I want to find 2nd homes for that which is left rather than just slinging out. For example, when I was a baby, we lived in Uganda. My mum bought a Zebra skin handbag along with a zebra skinned cigarette box and lighter (she smoked then apparently). On New Years Eve, we went round to some friends to sit in the garden by a big fire, have a few drinks and some food. The British ‘good company, good food, good wine, sit out in the cold’ tradition. Our hostess liked animal skin handbags and uses them. I popped round the corner to home and brought over the bag (minus the smoking stuff as she does not).

Bingo, new home for something over 50 years old that will be used and appreciated.

One less item to sort, lots to go !

It is not the money. Arguably the set of 3 in the condition they were would fetch between £100-£200 if I sold them to a retro buyer. It is not about the money. It should never be about the money. It should be about passing on something nice that can be used and appreciated and bring some joy to a person.

Given my aversion to New Year Resolutions, what is it that I feel we ought to do or change this year ?

I guess the first thing is a much overdue downside of ‘trinkets’. I did write once before about looking to throw out or otherwise dispose of large amounts of accumulated paraphernalia. Did some in getting rid of over 600 books. Only have about the same number to go her ladyship tells me !

When I look at my loft, it is full of (arguably) junk. Boxes of books I will never read again. Lots of my university notes, a whole pile of material from my MBA. None of this I am ever going to look at again. We have a spare room that is largely stuffed with tat as well.

So why keep it ?

Then there is my office – files and papers all over – stuff I have not opened in years. Why bother to keep it all…. oh yes … a bit like dad keeping loose nails and odd screws in the garage… because you might need them one day !

So not a resolution as such, but really, we do have to rid ourselves of a lot of accumulated ‘stuff’ we never use, will never realistically need and just lounges about the place. I know how nice it made me feel to just find that home for my mums old bag. Finding homes for all the books, and just getting rid of all my old University papers I know will make me feel better. Be one less thing for her ladyship to fret about and moan at me for

Her ladyship has then informed me of a lot of decorating she wants done after I have cleared all the ‘stuff’ … I did say that was a good reason to keep all the ‘stuff’ and got a hard stare…. I hate decorating … and I hate her planned wallpaper even more.


Yes, this year will be a mixed one !


  1. Giving stuff you don’t want to other people who do want it is so satisfying. I like the Olio app for this – take a picture, add a description, wait for someone to request it. Also given things away via local Facebook groups.

    1. Problem with so many of these ‘free’ sites, is people collect stuff and then sell it on .. hardly the ethos of finding a ‘good’ home

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