No One Teaches You about being Alone (even for a few days)

It is funny, but I have not much thought about being on my own .. you know.. wifey croaking and all that.

It is not that I expect either of us to fall dead any time soon, but she went away for a week with her pals and I have been left in charge of …. erm .. me and the cats !

Luckily there has been a lot of rugby over the weekend. I popped out last Thursday for a couple (few), Friday for more and some rugger, then Saturday have women’s 6-nations and Premier games, and the same on Sunday …. very boozy and defo not good for the liver.

The forecast here is cooling tomorrow and then cold, rain, sleight and some snow later in the week. So being sunny, warm and very spring like today I wandered down the oasis (or as my dad used to say to mum ‘I am off to church’) for a couple of sunny beers.

Problem is, cats are fed and sleeping and there is no reason to be at home other than for homes’ sake.

Then there is food. It is such a bore cooking for one. At the weekend I made a Rogan Josh. So now I have essentially some ‘ready meals’. Not quite the same as a fresh meal every day.  Makes me think how hard it must be for so many people. It is not as if we have not been apart before, but strangely, it is mostly been me being away doing things. (I just had to leave lots of ready meals for her ladyship ha ha).

It is not as if my life is not full of ‘stuff’. I do a lot of voluntary things and tomorrow is 4 hours for my professional institution, Thursday I have a finance and audit review (I am a director of a trust) and Friday I have other things.

My calendar for events I am in or going to in the next 3 months is near full including our overseas sunny holiday in nearly 3 years…. sooooo looking forward to it !!

Yet coming home to a house without my wife has no real attraction (aside from the lack of snoring ha ha). I wonder if this is what is in store if she dies before me ?

And yet, despite this there are millions in far worse positions. Those who have no ‘stuff’ to do.

No one ever teaches you about being lonely at school do they !!… I miss my wife.. back Thursday 🙂